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Data Science

"Data Science" can mean something different to everyone you ask. When we say it, we mean using ideas from Statistics and Computer Science to inspire "magical" experiences for your users, like content recommendations that introduce the user to their new favorite band, or a search feature that returns exactly what they had in mind.

Server-side Engineering

After working with you to finalize your machine-learned models or business logic, we have the expertise to deploy them as scalable, fault-tolerant APIs. We use state-of-the-art development and project management methods, and strive for 100% transparency, test coverage, and documentation.

Cross-platform App Development

The most solid back-end is no use without a well-designed user interface, and we can help you out here as well. We specialize in Kivy, a framework that allows us to make performant, multi-touch user experiences that deploy to iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux.

Our Team

Sam Brotherton

Founder and Principal

Sam graduated from Harvard with a degree in mathematics and East Asian Studies, and has been developing software ever since. He specializes in natural language processing and building applications powered by AI and machine learning. Prior to founding Cairn Labs, he worked on a machine learning team at Google and was the first data scientist at a successful startup in LA.

Brianna Goodale

Clinical Data Scientist

Brianna earned her PhD in quantitative and social psychology at UCLA in 2018, after graduating with a BA from Harvard in 2009. She specializes in the analysis of nested and repeated measures biophysical data and other time-series data. In addition to data analysis, Dr. Goodale provides scientific communication support to Cairn Labs clients. She has helped healthcare start-ups develop clinical SOPs, submit regulatory applications, prepare manuscripts for publication, and present findings to academic and industry audiences. Dr. Goodale's research has been published in peer-reviewed journals across several domains.

Blake Wilkey

Machine Learning Engineer

Blake is an accomplished machine learning engineer, well versed in both classical and machine learning methods. Blake’s deep understanding of machine learning algorithms and his keen intuition, sharpened through years of experience are invaluable for building agile, responsive and scalable machine learning/NLP systems. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in mathematics, where he studied graph theory, statistics, topology, probability theory, real and complex analysis, and linguistics.

Tobias Brotherton

Software Engineer

Jacob Kovac

Engineering Lead

Jacob is a full stack developer with a focus on the front-end. He works mainly in React, but also has extensive native experience in Unity, Unreal, and other technologies. He maintains the popular Kivent game engine, in addition to being a core developer of the the cross-platform Kivy framework.

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